Super veggies – what are the best vegetables?

What are the best options of vegetables?

If we consider good solutions for our health you need to consume lots of vegetables. What are the reasons? They are full of vitamins, minerals and lots of important substances that help us to control our blood pressure and prevent against lots of diseases. If you are fat vegetables burn calories and of course, you need to talk to your doctor in order to make some exams and he will recommend for you a good diet. Let’s answer in this article this question: what are the best vegetables?

What are the best vegetables?

Do you know that cruciferous vegetables are very important to fight against several diseases?  If you consume them you will avoid cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, stress, among other ones. They also contain important proteins and vitamins too so if you consume vegetables daily there is no harm for your health. As you can see we must eat vegetables every day. Fruits are essential, as well as white meat and so on. You should visit your doctor and find out the best diet for you.


Let’s see the best vegetables ever.

KALE – It is rich of vitamin C and K that are essential for you. Kale is tasty and nutritious.

SPINACH – Spinach is rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin C and K. It strengths your muscles and is good for your heart.

CARROTS – Carrots are rich in lutein, vitamin K and fiber that is great.

BROCCOLI – It is one of the best vegetables ever because it is loaded with vitamin C and K, and also protein and helps to prevent several diseases.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS –  If you like them you need to know that they are very rich in vitamins and proteins.

PEAS – Do you know that they are very rich in vitamins and nutrients?

TOMATOES – Definitely, tomatoes are great and they are loaded with vitamin A and C.

ASPARAGUS – Asparagus is extremely rich in magnesium that is great for your health.

GREEN PEPPER – It has lots of vitamin C and many other ingredients.

GREEN BEANS – It has lots of fiber, and vitamin K and C.


There are many other important vegetables so you can’t forget other important food such as fruits and meat too.

Super veggies – what are the best vegetables?

The benefits of vegetables

The proteins and vitamins are vital for your overall condition – let’s see some of the main advantages of consuming them:

  • They help in cancer prevention, constipation, diarrhea, improve your digestive system improving your bowel condition too. If you have obesity problems you should consume them every day to lose some extra pounds.
  • They prevent hypertension, strengthen bone health, improve your eye health, and they are also excellent for your skin and hair. They also promote hair growth and they are excellent sources of vitamins and proteins too.