The best home remedies for stomach flu

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You know that many people suffer from stomach problems then visit doctors and they prescribe chemical medications that may cause more harm than good. Of course, it depends on how serious your problem is so only your doctor may prescribe the best medication for you. Let’s see in this article the best home remedies for stomach flu. Definitely, if there are symptoms such as pain or burn, you need to look for a doctor urgently but some home remedies are so simple to be prepared. They are really worthwhile to try!

The main symptoms

Diarrhea, vomiting and fever are the most common ones.

The best home remedies for stomach flu


First of all, if you have stomach flu you need to relax. Go to your bed and avoid working or studying. Your body needs some time to relax so it is necessary to relax and try to drink water in order to rehydrate.

Stop eating

Surely, an obvious decision is: stop eating. If you keep on eating you may have more serious problems. Wait for a couple of hours after vomiting. Your stomach needs some time to recover.


Use a heating pad to reduce stomach pain. It is a simple strategy to be used to relieve some symptoms. As you can see you can treat yourself at home without many problems!

Avoid caffeine

If you have diarrhea avoid caffeine or carbonated drinks. You need to drink water – sip slowly in order do rehydrate.

Eat something

As soon as you feel better you need to start eating something. Let’s see the best suggestions for you.

Bananas – They are easy to digest and extremely rich in lots of nutrients that your organism needs to recover. They are loaded with potassium too.

Crackers – They are rich in sodium so very important for you at this moment.

Yogurt – Choose an unsweetened one. They have probiotics that help to control your stomach again.

Ginger – It has been used as a natural anti inflammatory herb for many years and you should treat your stomach having ginger.

Mint – it is a great herb that helps to ease your stomach symptoms. As you can see another herb helping to solve your problem.

Chamomile tea – it is a powerful tea that helps a lot to combat stomach problems.


There are lots of other alternatives but of course you need to talk to your doctor in order to find the best solution according to your problems. These are just some examples of home remedies.

The best home remedies for stomach flu