The best home remedies for toothache

What do you do when you have a toothache?

There are some moments that we feel a terrible toothache but our dentist is traveling or it happens on Sunday and you need to wait one day to schedule a visit. What do you do to relieve toothache symptoms? In this article you will read about the best home remedies for toothache. It is a stressful situation because dentist aren’t so easy to be found when we need them urgently so it is absolutely necessary to relieve some pain at home before schedule an appointment with your dentist.

You probably know that the best solutions for our health are in the nature so consider the tips below in order to solve your toothache problems.

The best home remedies for toothache


It is one of the oldest and excellent ways to reduce toothache. Chop one garlic and smash it. Apply directly on your tooth for a couple of minutes. It is a good and simple solution you can consider. After rinse using salt water.

Clove oil

It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anesthetic product that will help you to solve this problem effectively. As you can see it isn’t so difficult to solve this toothache problem.


Get a peppermint tea bag and keep in the freezer. Apply on your tooth for some minutes and repeat this procedure until the pain disappears.

Salt water

Swish a small amount of salt water for about 30 seconds and repeat many times a day and you will feel much better.


Onions have antimicrobial properties that help to combat that terrible toothache so cut a piece of onion and apply on your tooth. This onion should fit on your tooth for about five minutes and it is really good.

The best home remedies for toothache


Get a cucumber and slice and apply on your tooth. You will feel much better.

The best solution? Visit your dentist!

There are several other home remedies but of course, the best solution is to visit your dentist. He is responsible for helping you whenever you want, so you need to pay attention to some symptoms that may be causing your toothache.

Decay or cracked tooth or even gum diseases are some of the most important causes of toothache. You need to look for your dentists not only for regular checkups but also when you have red gums, swelling, and pain when you are biting and several other reasons. As you can see you need to treat your mouth adequately! Visit your dentist at least twice a year.

Home remedies are very useful but it much better if you look for a professional.