The benefits of organic foods

Treat well your health giving preference to organic foods

First of all, let’s the best definition for organic food: It is a kind of agricultural product that is produced without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or bioengineered genes. In this article you will understand the benefits of organic foods. We may conclude that these foods are extremely benefic for all of us. Your food has a big impact on your mental and emotional health. They contain much more nutrients and antioxidants, so they are extremely helpful for our overall health. These foods are usually fresher and cause lots of benefits for the environment.

The benefits of organic foods

They contain much less pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and reduce pollution and soil erosion and consequently increase its fertility. It is much cheaper if you compare to the traditional ones.

The taste is much better if you compare to the fertilized ones and these foods make our organism work the best way as possible.

What are the disadvantages of non organic foods

They increase the risk of certain cancers, they are toxic, and provide lots of problems concerning our health. Our immune system becomes more vulnerable and its use may cause diseases such as motor dysfunction, birth defects, among several other diseases.

The best organic foods

Eggs, cereal, milk, coffee, bread, lunch meat, cheese, meat, milk, yogurt, spice, oil, fruits and vegetables are just some of the examples of organic foods.

Let’s see some benefits of two organic foods:


According to recent studies organic milk is loaded with antioxidants, Omega  3 and vitamins and consequently offering a much better product for our health.

You know how much milk is essential to prevent several diseases so talk to your doctor in order to obtain more information about organic milk.


Organic tomatoes are extremely rich in antioxidants and they are useful to prevent cardiovascular diseases, cancer among several other diseases.

There are many other choices if we concern vegetables, greens, fruits and so on, so tomato is just an example.


There are lots of debates about the conventional food if they are really harmful for our health but there are controversial opinions about it. Some scientists concluded that there is no conclusive research about how much hazardous pesticides are, so the best solution is to talk to your doctor in order to obtain the best advice as possible.

Talk to your nutritionist so he/she will be able to talk to you precisely about these organic foods. One simple conclusion is: they will never cause any damage for us!

The benefits of organic foods